PW Certificate ProgramTM

How does it work?


Once you are registered for the Certificate Level 1, 2 or 3, then you may begin your certificate program online following the given steps:


Step 1. Login and Password (Immediate)


We will provide you with a ID login and password to the Certificate site.


Step 2. Completion of Foundational Knowledge Online Learning Activities (Up to 3 hours)


On this site you will have access to foundational knowledge instructional videos, supporting eBooks and check back assessments. We encourage you to watch each video, review the eBooks and complete the check back assessments. Each certificate level has 4 to 6 videos to view, each one being between 20-30 minutes to view.


Step 3. Participation in a Live Positive Workplace Webinar (1.5 hours)


Once you have completed viewing all of the videos and have submitted the check back assessments, you are then invited to attend a 1.5 hour webinar session with a *Positive Workplace Expert Consultant. During this session your essential knowledge from the step 2 will be reviewed and you will be provided with access to a series of online Positive Workplace resources that will allow you to begin applying positive psychology practices (Mental Fitness, Resiliency or Positive Workplace Practices) in your work environment. Live Positive Workplace Webinar sessions are delivered several times a month with small group sessions of 4 to 8 participants to maximize opportunities for interaction with our Positive Workplace Consultants.


* Positive Workplace: Consultants are licensed professionals with academic and professional backgrounds in psychology, social work, counselling and human resource management



Step 4. Application of Positive Workplace Resources (up to 3 hours)


Upon completion of the training webinar you will be invited to apply 3 of the Positive Workplace Resources/Activities from the certificate website in your workplace or with your workplace team. Once you have competed these activities, you then can complete the one page Activity Summary indicating which resources/activities you completed, when they were completed, and your feedback on the outcomes you achieved. The one page Activity Summary is submitted to us and then we present you with a Professional Certificate of Completion.  


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